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Pre 2015 floor plan with smaller caged area, no spa

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Post 2015 floor plan with large caged area and 7' diameter spa

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Rental Overview -- Residential homes in Sarasota County have a one (1) month minimum rental policy per the county.
The exception to that rule is that residential homes within city limits are allowed 8 day minimum rentals.
Individual subdivisions, especially those with deed restrictions, may impose more strict rules.

Major upgrades have been completed to 551 Cobalt, hence the new rates (in U.S. dollars) are effective April 1, 2016 and are based on a maximum occupancy of six (6) people are:

Season Dates Monthly Daily average (based on 30 days/month)
Winter, High Season December through mid-April $4,050/month (USD) $135.00/night (USD)
Spring Season and
Fall Season
Mid-April through May;
October through November
$3,750/month (USD) $125.00/night (USD)
Summer, Low Season June through September $3,450/month (USD) $115.00/night (USD)

Some discounts may apply.
Additional costs include: 12% tax, $125.00 cleaning fee, and a $500.00 security deposit.
All fees are for a maximum of six people, two cars, and no pets.
Pets are not allowed, if you are caught with one it is an additional $10.00 per day usage fee plus another $500.00 security deposit per pet.


A maximum of six people can be accommodated and a maximum of two cars are acceptable.
Exceeding this threshold will result in an additional $25.00 per person, per day usage fee
and $10.00 per day, per additional car fee.


Please leave your pets at home. If you are unable to do so, there is a ten dollar per day pet usage fee
plus a $500 deposit to cover any pet damage. Please treat your pets with a flea and tic product.
Please be responsible pet owners and clean up after your pets.

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For those that would like to read more about Sarasota County rental restrictions

The property at 551 Cobalt Rd is zoned RSF-1 (Residential Single Family-1). Short term rentals for less than 30 days are not permitted in the RSF zoning district. The criteria for renting a house for periods of greater than 30 days is as follows:

1. Rental of Dwelling Units in OUA, OUR, OUE, RE, RSF, RMF (not on barrier islands), RC and RMH Districts

i. Dwelling units may be rented as a whole and for periods of greater than 30 days provided that a dwelling unit shall not be rented more than once every 30 days.

ii. Portions of a dwelling may be rented for periods of greater than 30 days provided that the dwelling is physically occupied by the owner during more than 50 percent of the lease term and the dwelling unit is not rented more than once every 30 days. "Owner" shall include any individual owning an interest in the dwelling as an individual and any individual owning a majority of the interests or shares of a corporation, partnership, or other business entity.

iii. The owner or managing agent of real property that is offered for rent or lease shall maintain records, including the names and addresses of the lessees, that are adequate to establish the period for which a unit is rented and the names of family members or unrelated individuals occupying the premises during each rental period. Such records shall be provided upon request to inspectors authorized by Sarasota County to enforce these regulations.

iv. Except for community residential homes, any rental or lease of a single-family residence to more than one individual and his or her family or roommates is prohibited, unless all persons residing in the single-family residence have full use of the entire residence, including the single kitchen, accessory buildings, and associated property.

2. Rental of Dwelling Units in the RMF District on Barrier Islands. Short-term rentals for periods of less than 30 days are regulated separately in the Use Table in Section 5.1

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